There's no doubt about it - ironing is a real chore! And these days, the ever more complex designs of clothing (especially jeans!) mean that ironing can take you longer and longer every week.

If your ironing pile is getting bigger and bigger, and your spare time is getting shorter, why not let Premium Cleaning Services take this off your hands?

Our ironing services are designed to offer you total flexibility. We can come and do the ironing at your place, or collect and deliver your perfectly ironed clothing and linens at a time to suit you. We can do the ironing as part of our domestic cleaning duties, or on its own as a completely separate job.

We can iron literally anything for you - shirts, blouses, bed and table linen, trousers, skirts, and even underwear and socks.

And we're quick! It only takes us around half an hour to professionally iron five shirts, or five pairs of jeans, or a full set of bed / table linen.

If there's something you need doing that's not listed above, just ask!

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