Carpet Cleaning

If you've ever tried cleaning carpets yourself, you'll probably know that it can be very time-consuming and exhausting work - and often, you can be distinctly underwhelmed by the end result.

The carpet cleaning specialists from Premium Cleaning Services use the most advanced commercial steam or dry carpet cleaning machines to give your carpets a completely new lease of life.

Using non-toxic eco-friendly detergents, our team can deep clean all types of carpet, eliminating even the most ground-in stains and dirt, whilst disinfecting and de-odourising deep into the carpet's fibres.

And because our top-of-the-range steam cleaning machines only use sparing amounts of water, you'll be able to get back in and start using the rooms within a couple of hours.

Here's our five step guide to clean, fresh-smelling carpets:

1 We fully examine your carpets to determine the best cleaning method and materials to use for an excellent finish, whilst ensuring your carpet is fully protected
2 We always test-clean a small hidden area first, to double-check that the carpet responds well to the selected machine and materials
3 We apply a strong but gentle stain and spot removal detergent to any bad stains and marks
4 We clean the whole carpet using the selected steam or dry cleaning machine as appropriate
5 We finish by applying a de-odourising material to leave your carpet (and the whole room) smelling clean and fresh. Optional 'ScotchGuard' protection is also available if required.

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